quantitative research

Any [imas] project goes through a series of thoughtful and very well prepared processes.

Each research phase is important; it has a schedule, a team associated with those tasks and clear working procedures.

The employees involved in the project are responsible for all research phases in order to be successful realized. The methodology (sampling, questionnaire, and instructions) is carefully prepared for each project; then, it is pre-tested and explained in details to the interviewers. 

Data collection is accompanied by the several checking procedures: GPS coordinates length between questions analyzed by CAPI software, phone interviews and direct visits. 

The Project Manager is responsible for the data validation, processing and reporting the data. 

The confidentiality of the data is a priority for us during the entire project. As an ESOMAR member, we ensured the confidentiality not only of the respondents, but also for all the materials, discussions involved in the project.


Human resources and infrastructure are the base of all quantitative researches made by imas:

- CAPI: computer assisted face to face interview

- Mistery shopping

- CATI: computer assisted telephone interview