phone CATI interviews

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews is a practice for quick data collection, with no geographical constraints.

The questions are displayed on the monitor and read by the interviewer during a phone conversation. All the answers are recorded directly in the computer. 

A careful recruitment of the telephone interviewers, training them for being convincing and neutral during reading the questions and answers, auditing the finalized calls and a manager always in contact with the interviewers are the ingredients of the success for this type of research. Technical infrastructure contains computers, servers, specialized software, high-speed internet connection - all these allow us to make phone calls using landline or mobile network in Rep. Moldova or other countries.

CATI facilities

Management of finalized calls, respondents’ quotas, system of randomization of the phone numbers, recordings of the calls 

Questionnaire programming: execution of all logic skips, randomization of questions/ answer options

Statistics regarding number of calls, refusals, interrupted interviews, finalized interviews, interview durations

Collected data are stored in strict security conditions and can be accessed only by the authorized personnel. 

CATI advantages


the execution period of a telephone survey is reduced, depending on the number of the working stations that will be used

Geographical coverage

there are no limits; samples can contain respondents from a higher number of localities comparing to a face to face survey


a significantly lower price compare with face to face interviewing

Time gained

automatic introduction of the data in the system


all interviews can be recorded and checked (listened) and only then validated

Interim reports

preliminary results can be generated during the entire project