data collection

Fieldwork Operations Department represents the 90% of the iceberg, invisible to the eye, but essential to the whole body. 

Today, [imas] have a large working force (interviewers) in all rayons of the Republic of Moldova. They are subordinated to coordinators from the central staff from Chisinau.


The interviewers’ profile inspire confidence and professionalism; 60% of them are over 30 years old, have higher education and speak at least two languages (Romanian and Russian). Some of them are familiar even with Ukrainian and Gagausian.



All [imas] collaborators are legally hired, according to the legislation, and all taxes are paid by the employer. 

Central office in Chisinau

Regional centers 

The network of field interviewers

Coordinates regional teams and the team of interviewers from the central region of the country.

Used for training and coordination of fieldwork teams from the regions.

Ensures access to the entire territory of the Republic, with no exceptions.

Most of the interviewers are located in urban areas, but with a little help from our drivers, all the localities from our samples can be covered, including Transnistria.