F2F CAPI interviews

CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews) is a procedure adopted to increase the efficiency and accuracy for face to face data collection. 

Each interviewer introduces answers on a tablet with an imas soft installed, specially developed for creating questionnaires and conducting interviews. It is an application in permanent development, complex and efficient, with a user friendly interface that allows also running audio/ video during the interview. 

What can we monitor using tablets? 

Registering geographical location for each questionnaire, and thus checking application of all instructions regarding sampling

Quality of the interviewing: the soft ensure logic skips from a question to another, alerting interviewers on incoherent answers

Time spent by the interviewer on each question from the questionnaire 

Due to the internet connection, all data are encrypted, transmitted and submitted shortly to [imas] server, where they can be checked in real-time by the project manager. 

CAPI advantages

A superior speed comparing to PAPI

time for printing, transmission and sending back the paper questionnaires from the field is eliminated 

Zero errors

soft ensures all logic skips in the questionnaire

Elimination of costs

elimination of costs regarding printing questionnaires and introducing data

Time gained

automatic introduction of the data in the system

Optimization of time for checking 

easier procedure to check an interview and then the entire data base

Interim reports

preliminary results can be generated during the entire project