omnibus research

Practical and effective way for those who want to put a limited number of questions to a national representative sample, as well as those who are interested in the evolution of public opinion in Moldova.

Omnibus is a collective contributing research. With a sample of a thousand respondents aged from 15/18 years and more, located in approximately 140 sampling points.

Questionnaires used for this type of research are structured in two sections: 



socio-political barometer (BSP)

It addresses to political parties, investment trusts, banks, international organizations, commercial companies, NGOs, civil society, etc., that are interested in measuring opinions of voters in Moldova.

The indicators included in the BSP allow evaluation and highlighting the dynamics of Moldovan citizens opinions on:

  • direction the country is heading
  • living standards
  • the functioning of institutions at central and local levels
  • politicians' polpularity
  • politicians credibility
  • voting intention for parties
  • other themes.

omnibus diverse

On the second section, various companies, institutions, NGOs may include (for a fee) a number of at least three questions in any measuring waves. Beneficiary formulate questions (with our help, if required) and pay only for the questions included in the questionnaire.