let's open the brackets

Many people consider that a company of this kind is selling numbers or reports. [imas] is doing something else.

It offers credibility to their clients. The recipe and the steps to be credible. Each day, each of us is working for our credibility and for our clients’ credibility. 

It is hard to choose only one thing that might tell you everything after 15 years. Even though, I had to choose only one thing, I would choose “the fly” – with his boundless possibilities (for data collection, analyses and interpretation of the data). I would choose “the fly” of a team which pulsates together, in waves, which keeps an honest [imas], but which is modifying the shapes at each experience. 

You can copy almost everything from a company: the design, the furniture, the procedures, software, everything. We weren’t afraid and we will never be afraid of competition. Three things can’t be taken from us. Never. The name. The peoples. And “the fly”. These are about us, about “HOW” we are doing, besides what we are doing. It’s about people. It’s about a living work. With passion. It’s about details. For 15 years. [imas].