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26 september 2019

Press Release from „Public Media” 

Opinion survey conducted at the request of the company "Public Media" by IMAS INVEST SRL

During September 7-23, 2019, [imas] conducted a sociological research commissioned by the company "Public Media", a company that has been operating on the market of the Republic of Moldova for 15 years. The aim of the research was to highlight the people's perception regarding the first 100 days of activity of the new Government, the problems that people consider important, the trust in politicians and political parties, etc. 

"Public Media" will use this data in its future projectsat the order of various political actors, companies, but also other categories of sponsors. 

The decision to make the results public has a twofold purpose: to familiarize consumers with important data on the evolution of the state of affairs and mood in the Republic of Moldova, to promote the image of "Public Media" as a company attached to the public interest.

We remind you that "Public Media" has previously commissioned surveys of well-known sociological companies in Moldova: 2006, IMAS - TV audience study; 2007, Center for Community Sociology and Gender Studies (CSCSG); 2010, CBX Axa CSOP RomaniaIn the future, "Public Media" will resort to such research, pursuing both its interest and that of its customers, as well as that of society.

The presentation of the survey will take place on Thursday, September 26, starting at 12.00 at the headquarters of the IPN Press Agency, Casa Presei, 22 Pushkin Street, of. 446.

"Public Media” Team

Iurie Şalaru – Executive Manager

Mob: 0795010101


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