[bsp] december 2017

12 december 2017

[bsp] - socio-politic barometer is a national wide research, conducted in between November 27 and December 7 of 2017 on a sample of 1101 respondents with a major sample error ± 3%. The beneficiary of the research is the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM).

direction: even if the general picture remains negative, there are more indicators that show positive trends: the direction things are going to is considered right by 22%, the ration of optimists (30%) versus pessimists (23%) is a positive one and the confidence in the government exceeded the threshold of 20% (21% in this survey).

measures: several themes reached the citizens and were perceived positively: the “First Home” program (81% of those who heard about the program consider it a good initiative), 80% appreciated that was stopped the process of closing down the schools. 

vector: we are witnessing a record number of 60% regarding the desire of EU membership - this is the highest percentage for the last years, the option for Euroasiatic Union being at a distance of more than 15%.

politicians: an unchanged rank in the top, but significantly changed percentages: Igor Dodon - 36%, Maia Sandu - 33%, Pavel Filip - 33%.

parties: in 2016 the governing party (PDM) registered about 4% -5% of the vote intention. Constantly, during 2017, PDM reached 8-9%, and the agenda of the last two months led the party to 12% of voters' preferences. Opposition parties record a considerable stagnation or decrease - the current survey shows PSRM at 25%, PAS at 16%, and DA Platforma at 6% and the rest of the parties being at the limit or below the electoral threshold.


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