media studies

Currently, the Moldovan media market is experiencing aт important development phase.

However, there is no independent instrument to measure the average channel performance, which does not remove the need for such data.




Audience research

a complex sociological research that aims to measure at the highest methodological standards and quality, audience of TV channels, radio stations and publications in the press in Moldova. Applied methodology: day after recall.

Monitoring research

research that analyzes programs, trends, image of a company or political figures in time.

Studies of use and attitudes

for different media channels (TV, radio, press, online) we identify the socio-demographic profile of the audience and measure the perceptions, attitudes, consumptions habits. 


testing, by longitudinal analysis songs entering in the playlist (using a panel consisting of target of the radio that is studied).

Radio/auditorium music test

testing a big number of melodies (several hundreds) to identify music format of a radio station or music specific of a specific target.

TV/theater test

test pilot episodes for film productions that will enter in the program schedule.

Advisory listeners/consumers

Focus-groups or consumer panel studies of the product of TV, radio, press and online.